It is the mission of RainTree Consulting, LLC to provide quality, comprehensive, client friendly, home and office based services that meet unique needs of the family.

RainTree has worked in several Indiana counties providing home-based services since 2009. RainTree began with just 7 employees working in 2 counties and has since grown allowing home based services to be delivered to nearly 20 counties in Indiana.

RainTree is managed by 4 partners. Each of the current partners has a long history or working with families and youth in home based, residential, and mental health capacities.

Keith Lindsey


Keith Lindsey, LMHC has worked with DCS and Probation cases since 1990. He was the therapist at a group home in Vincennes for approximately 10 years and then was the director of the group home for the next 10 years until leaving to help form RainTree.

Jackie Foley


Jackie Foley has her Master’s Degree and has worked with DCS and Probation departments since 1992. She has held different positions such as Independent Living Coordinator, Victim Assistance Coordinator, CASA Program Director, home based case manager, and therapist.

Kim Bivens


Kim Bivens has worked administratively with Probation and DCS offices handling billing and referrals since 2000. She also manages employee benefits and payroll. Kim has extensive work history handling billing in the medical field that began in 1984.

Angie Phillips


Angie Phillips, LCSW, LCAC, MAC worked at a local mental health facility in the addictions and interventions department. In 2006 Angie became the therapist at a group home and in 2009 she came to RainTree as a home-based therapist. In 2014 Angie went to work at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs as a behavioral health therapist for two years before returning to RainTree in 2017 as a Partner.